•   Annual dues are due: $12 Military -- $24 Individual -- $36 Family   •   K6PAC PL Tone Change 67 Hz (eff. Oct-17)   •   Next Ham Exam: Feb 7, 6 PM   •   Next Board meeting: Feb 6, 6 PM   •   Next Members meeting: Feb 20, 7 PM   •   Meeting and exam location: Round Table Pizza, 1020 Pleasant Grove Blvd #170, Roseville   •   Personalized club logo shirts available again   •   Check in to one of our 4 weekly nets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays   •   Note! Monday Night C4FM Net returns to 8:30 PM   •   Follow WPARC on Facebook and Twitter (@k6pac)   •   See WPARC News below for more details...   •  
 WPARC Meetings
Ham License Testing - Wednesday, Feb 7, 6 PM
WPARC offers Ham radio license testing on the first Wednesday of each month at Round Table Pizza at 6 PM (see below for map and directions.) For more information please email Chuck KK6DOA

WPARC Board Meeting - Wednesday, Feb 7, 7:30 PM
WPARC conducts Board Member meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at Round Table Pizza at 7:30 PM (see below for map and directions.) The board welcomes members and guests who wish to observe or bring business before the board.

WPARC Members Meeting - Tuesday, Feb 20, 7 PM
WPARC holds Member Meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at Round Table Pizza at 7 PM (see below for map and directions.) Come out to enjoy some camaraderie, food, beverage, and tales of the radios! Round Table Pizza offers a pizza and salad bar buffet dinner on Tuesday evenings for about $10/person.
Scheduled Topic: Michael K6BUK on Transmission Lines

WPARC Meeting and Testing Location
Join us at Round Table Pizza, 1020 Pleasant Grove Blvd #170, Roseville. This location faces Roseville Parkway at the northeast corner of the complex, just around the corner from the CVS store.
View map and directions

WPARC Sep-2017 Meeting Member Picture
WPARC January 2018 Meeting Kickoff Lunch
Vice President Art KK6NFM arranged for members and guests to assemble at Via Roma Pizzeria con Cucina on January 27 for lunch. About 35 members and guests turned out for the event to dine on a delicious Italian themed meal with salad and dessert. A few guests came from further afield, one from across town and another from across the country! After lunch came the drawing from the barrel of monthly tickets collected during 2017. A few lucky members walked away with new antennas and radios. Many others walked away with some new treasure, even if only a roll of solder! Thank you to all who made this event rock!

WPARC Annual Dues are Overdue
Annual club membership dues are due on January 1. Dues are as follows: active military $12 per year, individual members $24 per year, and a family all residing at the same household $36 per year. Send your dues payment to PO Box 1173, Lincoln CA 95648 right now while you're thinking about it.

Club Logo Clothing -- New Web Site is Here!
Personalized club logo T-shirts are a big hit and club members want more! Click the link to visit Custom Fit Apparel to order your custom printed T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts / fleece outerwear. Order at least two weeks prior to an upcoming Members Meeting and your order should be delivered at the Members Meeting.

WPARC Repeater Tone Change to 67.0 Hz
Our old sub-audible tone of 179.9 Hz was becoming audible on some newer radios presenting an annoying hum. Back in October a team trekked up to the repeater site to change the tone from 179.9 Hz to 67.0 Hz. Ensure that you change all of your radios to use the new PL tone. The old tone isn't recognized by the repeater.

WPARC Repeater Abuses
Repeater Trustee Michael K6BUK received comments on a few repeater users abusing repeater etiquette. Please review Ethics and Operating Procedure for the Radio Amateur as a refresher.

K6PAC Repeater Yaesu DR-2x Upgrades Completed
Upgrades to new Yaesu DR-2X are completed. A new FVS-2 Voice Module will add new features to leave messages, record and review your transmission, along with announcements. Stay tuned for more details.

WPARC Sep-2017 Ham Fest
Our annual September WPARC Ham Fest was another resounding success. Thank you to all vendors and attendees that came out in search of treasure. Start setting your ham radio treasures aside for our next fest on Sep 15, 2018.
Arturo, Michael, Gary and ? lift mighty coil
Ray KM4RM offers donuts Roger and Katy offer coffee Jerry and Shopper
Heathkit Old Timer Hallicrafter Old Timer
Dr Carol Milazzo, ARRL Sac Valley Section Manager
Buyer and seller close deal Bill and Claire work raffle tickets

Wires X Node on Yaesu System Fusion Radios
We now have a test Wires X node set up for club members to try. For those unfamiliar with Wires X, it is similar to Echolink or Allstar. The node is located at Art's QTH for the test and is on 145.700. The system consists of a Yaesu FTM-100 DR dual band (2 meters/70 cm) and a Yaesu Wires X box. If the tests are successful (which they appear to be to date) we will link the node with the repeater. This is a significant benefit to the club and greatly increases the versatility and reach of the repeater. Anyone with a System Fusion radio can join in.

System Fusion Net Popularity Increasing as Members Acquire SF Radios
The Monday 7:30 PM 2 meter System Fusion net is growing rapidly. A number of club members have obtained a Yaesu model that offers System Fusion, from HTs to mobiles, to base stations. Of course, the System Fusion radios will also work on standard analog modes. Several people have new radios on order and we should see the net grow even more in the near future. In addition to many club members, we are hearing many visitors from a wide area on the repeater for this net. Also, the Thursday 2 meter and HF nets are growing. We also have recently heard check ins on the repeater from areas as far away as Dixon, Woodland, and Davis.

WPARC on Facebook and Twitter
Check us out on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter (@k6pac)

VoIP on the Club Repeater
Our Club repeater can connect to repeaters all over the world by VoIP. Read more about it at the VoIP page.

 WPARC Calendar

All dates are tenative and subject to change at discretion of the board.
3-Ham Exam 6 PM
27-2018 Kick Off Lunch
7-Ham Exam 6 PM
7-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
20-Members Mtg 7 PM
7-Ham Exam 6 PM
7-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
20-Members Mtg 7 PM
4-Ham Exam 6 PM
4-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
17-Members Club Mtg 7 PM
2-Ham Exam 6 PM
2-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
TBD-Tour de Lincoln Cycling Event
15-Members Mtg 7 PM
6-Ham Exam 6 PM
6-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
19-Members Mtg 7 PM
22-24-Field Day Weekend
TBD-Ham Exam
TBD-Board Mtg
17-Members Mtg 7 PM
1-Ham Exam 6 PM
1-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
21-Members Mtg 7 PM
5-Ham Exam 6 PM
5-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
15-WPARC Ham Fest
18-Members Mtg & PM
TBD-Tour de Rocklin Cycling Event
3-Ham Exam 6 PM
3-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
16-Members Mtg 7 PM
7-Ham Exam 6 PM
7-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
20-Members Mtg 7 PM
5-Ham Exam 6 PM
5-Board Mtg 7:30 PM
18-Members Mtg 7 PM
TBD-Lions Food Distribution Event
WPARC Weekly Nets
Members and guests are always welcome to check in. Share a few minutes with us and keep your net skills sharp!
Day and TimeNetNotes
Mon 8:30 PM
New, Old Time!
C4FM ForumLearn about this new digital technology
Wed 10:00 AMWPARC Day NetMembers and guests welcome!
Wed 7:30 PMWPARC Simplex NetCan you check-in on 146.550?
Thu 7:30 PMWPARC Evening Net2M then HF net follows, see below.

WPARC Thursday Evening HF Net Schedule
Following the Thursday evening 2M Net we have an HF Net to keep our HF radio skills sharp. Confirm the scheduled band and frequency during the 2M net.
DayBand and Frequency Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
1st Thu10 meters (28.410 MHz) 1 1 5 3 7 5
2nd Thu15 meters (21.355 MHz) 8 8 12 10 14 12
3rd Thu40 meters (7.225 MHz) 15 15 19 17 21 19
4th Thu75 Meters (3.855 MHz) 22 22 26 24 28 26
5th Thu10 meters (28.410 MHz) 29 31

Bozo 2M SSB Net - Wednesday and Sunday Eves - 7:30-10:00 PM
This net started in Southern California when local hams started a 2M SSB simplex net on the calling frequency, and some old timer got on to inquire 'What are you Bozos doing?' And the rest is history. Our club repeater site host is active on Bozo Net and thus we need to minimize QRM during Bozo Net hours to be good neighbors. Please respect these quiet hours and limit K6PAC repeater usage to emergency contacts.

Net Script
Running a net is a great way to gain radio experience. Try your hand at running a net! The script can be found here [pdf].
 WPARC Officers - 2018
PresidentJerry HN6JKH
Vice PresidentArturo GKK6NFM
SecretaryMichael BK6BUK
TreasurerChuck SKK6DOA
Board MemberRay MKM4RM
Board MemberGary TWA6IKE
Board MemberBill MKJ6YCO
Alternate Board MemberDon HN6DPH
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