All About Western Placer Amateur Radio Club

The WPARC is a dynamic, progressive radio club dedicated to the following goals and principles:

  • Service to All of Placer County: The WPARC is headquartered in Lincoln and welcomes hams from Rocklin, Loomis, Auburn, Roseville, Sheridan, and the surrounding areas.
  • Community Support: The WPARC provides support to the community-at-large by assisting at fund raising functions, food drives, parades, emergencies, and sporting events.
  • Youth involvement: The WPARC provides full membership and support for junior/high school students.
  • ARRL Affiliation: Service to and support from the ARRL.
  • Training & Support: The WPARC helps interested people of any age or gender to become ham operators and provide support after licensing. The club offers certified instructors and examiners.
  • Projects Activities: The WPARC plans antenna construction, transmitter hunts, and other useful projects for the shack and vehicle.
  • Social Activities: The WPARC is a friendly club that likes to meet socially, enjoying breakfast or lunch at local restaurants, making new friends, having fun with ham radio, and learning more about our diverse hobby.
  • Family Involvement: The WPARC enjoys potlucks, transmitter hunts, social events, and community service; all with an emphasis to include the member's spouse, partner, children, relatives, and friends.
  • Club announcements: WPARC members are kept up-to-date through this club website and by email.
  • Progressive policies: The WPARC is not hindered by politics, personal agendas, lack of imagination, or prejudice.
  • Club business is decided by the membership in an open forum.

Your membership supports the goals and principles of the Western Placer Amateur Radio Club. Your $24 annual membership defrays costs of equipment acquisition, utilities, insurance, and hosting for this web site. Membership is due in January of each year and prorated when a new member joins mid-year. Would you like to join Western Placer Amateur Radio Club? Your application form is only a click away!

WPARC Membership Application [pdf]

 WPARC Engraved Name Badges

Feb-2014 — When we support community events we like to let the community know who we are, both our club affiliation and our name. To that end we partnered with Capital Engraving to provide WPARC engraved name badges. It also makes it easier for us to remember each other's names at club meetings.

Capital Engraving has the template for our club logo. Be prepared to give Capital Engraving your club name, personal name, call sign, credit card information, and shipping address.

Price Schedule (Badge and Backing):
Badge with Magnetic Backing (not for pacemaker users): $15.50
Badge with Military Style Pin Backing: $13.50
Badge with Alligator Clip Backing: $13.50
Postage for single badge: $3.00
Credit Card Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm Pacific Time

Phone/FAX 360-575-1408
Toll-free 800-628-4985
Email -

 WPARC Constitution

Our founding forefathers saw fit to create a Western Placer Amateur Radio Club Constitution [pdf].

 Contact Us

If there is too much QRM in our QSO then send something by US Postal Service to PO Box 1173, Lincoln CA 95648

If you need to make urgent contact with someone then please email our club secretary Michael Buck.

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