jan 24, 2012


Here are a series of articles about the art and science of QSLing.

* How to Succeed At QSLing "Without Really Trying": This article is based on a post to the DX QSL reflector in May 2002. It was updated for publication in the June 2002 issue of the WASHRag, the newsletter of the Wireless Association of South Hills, Inc. N3SH/WA3SH of Pittsburgh, PA. This update was done at the request of a QSL Manager who wanted to pass these tips on to individuals who needed assistance in sending and receiving QSL cards.
* QSL Cards and QSL Card Mailing Systems: An article by Roger, K6OU, on QSL cards and QSL card mailing systems.
* Why eQSL: A short article on using eQSL.cc for digital QSLs.
* Sending a QSL Direct How to send a QSL directly to a contact and increase your chances of a response.