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One More Shot of the Installation119 viewsAll the components are tied to the wire rack shelves with bungee cords so they can't fall off in an earthquake or other natural disaster. The fan also cools the power supply. I have a timer that I am going to put on the fan so it will come on in the afternoon when it is warmer. It is an X10 timer and can be turned on from anywhere in my QTH or anywhere in the world by my Android phone or Kindle fire when the weather station warns me they are too hot.
Another View98 viewsThe laptop is next on the left. It has the software for the repeater, the controller, and the manuals for both. Behind the laptop is the 12V power controller. The last item on the left is the backup battery donated by KD6RB. On the top shelf from the right are the cans, the repeater (the black box), and the controller (the white box).
Good Shot of the Installation103 viewsThe Astron power supply is on the right above the switch panel. There is a small white box on top of it. That is a remote thermometer that ties to my weather station so I know if the power supply is heating up. Behind the Astron is a small fan that is aimed at the repeater directly above it. The bottom of the repeater is a large, finned heat sink. The small radio is the Kenwood TM-V7A that N6JKH donated for EchoLink along with the power supply for it. See next photo for more info.
Antenna 3106 viewsYou can see the anemometer for the weather station next to the antenna.
Antenna 296 views
Antenna 1115 viewsThe antenna is so slim it is almost invisible most of the day. I need to paint it so it doesn't reflect sunlight. Next time I'm on the roof....
View 2116 viewsYou can just see where the two coax cables come in through the garage vent. One antenna is a mag mount (not shown) for the EchoLink transceiver (also donated by N6JKH).
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