New Hams

Jan 24, 2012


If you want to place any of the documents listed here on your web site, please just link to it here or contact the author for permission.

  • Operator's Guide for New Amateurs: Just get your license? This document will help you get started in Amateur Radio.
  • Review of Simple VHF/UHF Repeater Operating Procedures: A repeater is a shared resource, sort of like a giant conference call party line. This document contains some basic operational procedures that Hams have generally agreed on so everyone can make the most of sharing a repeater.
  • Repeater and Remote Operation: A repeater receives a signal and retransmits it, usually at higher power and from a better location, to provide a greater communication range. This document is part of an ARRL training class and explains repeaters, satellite operation, and other remote operations.
  • Review of Simple HF Operating Procedures: HF Bands and frequencies are a shared resource. Think of a large conference or meeting room with many tables and people all of them wanting to talk with others in the room, especially to those on a table across the room. It’s easy to see that cooperation and courtesy are needed to make HF communication work. Here are some basic operational procedures that the International ruling organizations and Hams have generally agreed on so everyone can make the most of sharing the Ham bands.
  • Some HF Transceivers to Consider: So, you finally upgraded and are ready to jump into HF. Here are some HF transceivers you might look at.
  • Some HF Antennas to Consider: There are an overwhelming number of HF antennas available to Ham radio from many different manufacturers. Making a choice can be an intimidating and frustrating task, particularly for the new ham that simply wants to get a new rig on the air with minimal investment and construction. This paper is aimed toward providing hams with an overview of selected antenna manufacturers and their products.
  • Understanding Antennas for the Non-Technical Ham: Information and descriptions of most Amateur Radio antennae. This is a large document and may take some time to download.
  • Quick Guide to Operating the Yaesu 857-D: Through a series of five graduated exercises, this document introduces you to the operation of the Yaesu 857-D, its controls, and builds up confidence with the rig.